Instrument Ensembles
Ensembles to fit everyone!
There are several insturmental ensembles at Gaither High School. Whether your are into Jazz, Percussion, and/or playing rigourous symphonic music, there is a group for everyone!  To learn how you can become part of one or more of these groups, please click on the "Contact Us" button below.

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The Gaither HS Wind Ensemble playing Carnegie Hall in 2017

  Wind Ensemble
  Indoor Percussion
The Gaither High School Wind Ensemble is the top band at the school and admittance is by audition only. The Wind Ensemble plays highly rigorous music, often including musical literature that is typically played at the collegiate level.  They routinely score superiors at competitions and were even selected to play at the National Band and Orechestra Festival at Carnegie Hall in 2017. The band competes at the local, state, and national festival levels. They also make up the traveling Gaither Pep Band when requested to appear at special events. Click on the music notes below to listen to some of our recent recordings!

The Gaither High School Percussion Ensemble leaves the football field in the Spring semester and hits the gym for what is called "Winter Percussion" or "Indoor Percussion".  This group consists of the marching percussion (or battery) and the front ensemble (often called the pit or frontline). The routines are filled with snare drums, tenors, bass drums, cymbals, xylophones, marimbas, vibraphones, chimes, timpani, drum kits and other percussion instruments. Electronic instruments such as guitars, bass guitars, and synthesizers can also be used to make rocking shows.

Crosley March

Fanfare and Allegro

Irish Tune From Country Derry and Shepherd's Hey

  Jazz Ensemble I/II
  Symphonic and Concert Bands
The Symphonic and Concert Bands are open to all instrument players attending Gaither High School and placement is by audition.   Band members perform at several concerts each year and also at district MPAs. Members are encouraged to audition for All County and All State as well as prepare a piece for Solo & Ensemble Festival. This is the perfect ensemble to enhance your skills to prepare for Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band auditions!

The Gaither High School Jazz Band is part of the daily curriculum and is a class that can be taken for credit.  There is an additional after school Jazz Ensemble that meets as well (Jazz II).  The Jazz Ensembles perform at concerts and FBA District & State MPA as well as additional special events throughout the school year. These groups routinely recieve Superior ratings at local and state Solo & Ensemble Festivals and MPAs.

2017 Performance Calendar
  1. MONDAY: OCTOBER 2, 2017
    Band and Orchestra Concert
    7:00pm - 9:00pm Gaither Auditorium
    Marching MPA
    Join us in watching the great marching bands in our district perform for judges. Gaither High School Field Time TBA
  3. SATURDAY: NOVEMBER 18, 2017
    FMBC State Semi-finals - Class 5A
    This year the semi-finals for Florida State Marching Band Coalition Competitions will be held at Gaither High School!
  4. MONDAY: DECEMBER 4, 2017
    Winter Concert
    7:00pm - 9:00pm Gaither Auditorium